The biggest bands in the Philippines – according to Facebook

Social media has changed the game in many fronts and that includes the way that bands engage their fans. Before, artists would set up exclusive clubs and mailing list to somehow limit the amount of people who would get updates from them. With the explosion of the Facebook and Twitter phenomenon, the game has been more about building larger communities to ensure that the message does get across to as many fans as possible.

I scanned through the local bands who maintain a Facebook page and ranked them according to the number of members of each community. Before, popularity was based on whose songs stay on top of the charts for the longest time. Now, there’s a better and more tangible and comparative metric to really gauge the breadth of influence of artists.

Feel free to tell me if I missed anyone. The stats are as of April 5, 2011.

Here are the top ten artists in the Philippines according to Facebook:

10. Slapshock over 39K fans

9. Kamikazee – over 72K fans

8. Greyhoundzover 76K fans

7. Up Dharma Down -  over 103k fans

6.  Bamboo – over 120K fans

5. Wolfgang – over 125K fans

4. Chicosci – over 189K fans

3. Urbandub – over 306K fans

2. Eraserheads – over 702K fans

1. Parokya ni Edgar – over 1.1M fans





6 thoughts on “The biggest bands in the Philippines – according to Facebook

  1. Facebook has really changed how you measure popularity… the more fb users/fans you have is an indication of how popular you are… thanks Sir Benj for compiling and sharing this to us…

  2. sponge cola – 151,780
    tanya markova – 61,288
    rivermaya has 2 FB pages – 65K & 10K (will you include them in the list?)

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