0 thoughts on “More Sagada pictures

  1. it's really nice there. i'd been there in 1999 and 2001 and wish to be there again! we'd been trekking the mountain and did rush climb. one time with the remontados, we went to a peak and it was really a good time. you could imagine how it felt to be up there, inhaling the cold breeze. then i remember it began raining.. :) it was always december when i visited sagada and it was the wedding season for the igorots. we were invited to join some wedding celebration and ate with the sagadans. adobo, i remember it was our ulam, and the chef mixed it with rice in a plastic bag..we ate in the plastic bag using just our hands! :) it was a really exciting adventure.

  2. hahaha! benj, it’s been a month na yata, pero mukhang fresh na fresh pa din s memory mo ang sagada… wokokok! ako ay nagsisimula nang madepress… hehe!

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