The Ten Blogs I Always Look Forward To Reading

Last week, the now-thin and die-hard fan of the [read: Christianity’s] Only Begotten Son, Ganns Deen, listed the ten blogs that he looks forward to reading. Of course, the fact that my blog was one of the choices doesn’t come as a surprise. Haha. Ganns, I commend you for your impeccable taste and eye for talent!

Anyway, considering that Ganns has already gone the affirmative action route by picking blogs owned by Atheists (read: 2!) and people of religious orientation alike, I’ll choose to take a different approach and instead focus on a demographic of bloggers that most of my readers are not that fond of reading blogs written in an Atheist perspective. Honestly, the very reason why I choose not to make this blog a full-blown advocacy blog is largely contingent on what I see on other Atheist blogs. After some time, advocacy blogs are reduced to mere syndication pages of Atheism-related content. Eventually, the very person behind the blog is lost to the various stories lifted from various publications around the world. Though blogs of this nature are amazingly informative, it’s sad when the humanity and humaneness of the blogger is diminished.

As much as possible, I’d like to see the personality behind the blog. In the end, that is the thing that matters most – that extra element that would create distinction between blogs of similar niches. You may blogging about the same issues, but the treatment and analysis may be worlds apart.

I know some of these bloggers are even more popular than myself, but I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with dishing out a few compliments. Some of them are not even aware that I read their blogs. Of course, this is in no particular order.

1. Friendly Atheist – Hermant Mehta is as good as it gets. His resume can definitely speak for itself, but the light, non-threatening feel that his writing exudes is perfect for promoting productive and substantial discourse among his readers – may they be Atheist or people of faith. I’m about three decades away from acquiring his level of self-control and candor. Aside from holding leadership positions in organizations that promote secularism, Hermant is also the author of I Sold My Soul On E-Bay.

2. Basa Pa – What list wouldn’t be complete without one of the Philippine Blog Community’s most-linked and most enigmatic personalities? The blogger formerly-known-as-basangpanaginip is now blogging at a dot com of his own and everything is going on schedule. Each post made by Michael can be described by one word – comprehensive. From the looks of it, he really spends time in researching his subject matter. Just like Hermant, he can also dissect issues quite exhaustively. His courage in standing up against the raging bigots of the Philippine Blogging Community while keeping utmost tact (more than what they deserved if you ask me) is simply amazing.

 3. Tess Termulo – Come to think of it, my blog and Tess has a lot in common – we tend to post a healthy amount of personal entries along with relevant socio-political articles with implications in either the health care delivery system of the country or the freedoms of people to express themselves and the things they believe in. It also doesn’t hurt that we both post occasional medical nuggets that are hopefully educational or at least entertaining to the non-Harisson-Internal-Medicine-Volumes-1&2-reading crowd.

4. Atheocracy -  You can literally feel the passion bleeding out of the words that he writes. Each character, each term exudes a level of pointedness that may feel abrasive despite the relative care in the choice of words. He has mastered the subtle and inexact science of making you care about an issue without resorting to sensationalism.

5. Teen Atheist – Oh, the angst of youth! The blog comes at you like a freight train, but after the initial salvo of aggression has passed, any able adjudicator can definitely see that viable and substantial points lie within the argumentation. She’s a relatively new blogger so it will be interesting how she’ll develop into her own. I would like to think that I’ve mellowed out somewhat since I started last year – I wonder how long it’ll take for that to happen to her.

6. Arcis Logos – He’s impressive – impressive enough to make me think about hosting him @ atheista. I’m really proud to be hosting this guy. Sometimes, I wonder what would’ve I happened if I started blogging about atheism as early as he is now. I’m sure reading his blog is a close approximation already.

 7. Helga Weber – Here’s a perfect example of an atheist who can live among the… others. :p  Whatever Helga blogs about, it’s almost surely a good read. Helga has a way with words. She can get away with unbelievable levels of self-promotion and self-deprecation that will NOT work if someone else tried them.

8. Joyful Chicken – Hands down, JC is the single-most offensive blogger I know. I can’t stand his politically-incorrect comments.  Behave!

 9. Life Without Faith – It’s funny, informative and at the same time still very substantial. The analysis may sometimes be tongue-in-cheek, but the author always drives the point home. This blog exemplifies my idea of unique presentation and perspectives. Even if you’ve read the story somewhere else, the take and analysis is still thought-provoking and outside the box.

 10. Micketymoc – Save the best for last. :p

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  1. You always manage to take a compliment and whirl it around into some kind of backhanded slap, don't you, Espina? You can't just say "Thanks" and be done with it. You just gotta read something like Ganns' 'affirmative action,' politically correct agenda into every positive post I pop into the blogosphere. And that's why I love ya, ya irreverent doomed-to-hell debate loving doctor-to-be. Now go forth and spread your joy. Good luck getting another nod from me. Rassum frassum rassum frassum… 😉

  2. By the way, one of the reasons why your blog, as well as that of Dr. Tess', is in my list is because your blogs contain a lively mix of what goes on in your lives. Until you mentioned it, I didn't even realize Dr. Tess was atheist. Neither of your blogs are atheist syndications, and I recognize your blogs for being what they are: interesting blogs about their interesting owners.

    Of course, I have a mien for all things Debbie Gibson, Rascal Flatts, and Wilson Phillips, so I wouldn't place too much emphasis on my taste.


  3. Thanks for linking my blog. Yup, I've written some health-related post and now I've placed them in its own blog, Prudence, M.D. (obvious na health/medical blog) @ Some of the posts may be old but the blog is new. I just couldn't update it as much as I wanted to because I'm also maintaining a dream blog and a "secret" blog (haha).

    I'm only familiar with some of the blogs you cited. I visit Basa pa, Helga, and Arcis Logos, who I'm beginning to think is your "protege" (just imagine there are accents on the e's. I don't know how to do it here).

    Will check out the other blogs. And I'm also tempted to make my own list of ten blogs that I frequent.

    @ Ganns: Now that you've mentioned it, yes, I think I do have atheist inclinations. Moreso now than before. And my goodness, Debbie Gibson?!?! Buhay pa ba 'yun? Hehehe.

  4. I'm whiny, angsty and proud of it, just like anyone on Grey's Anatomy! 😀 Thanks for the mention. I'm not sure I want to mellow out just yet, though…angst is fun! 😀

    And now I'm off to read your earlier posts. Tee-hee.

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