One Year To The Day

It is one year to the day when a controversial, polarizing and eye-opening blog entry on was published for literally hundreds of people to see. Though a lot of people would rather forget about this incident, I think it’s one shining moment wherein a lot of people chose to take a relatively less popular side for the sake of fighting for what is logical and what is just. I appreciate all those who showed support – whether Atheist, christian or agnostic — you’ve more than proved to me that there are people in the Philippine Blog Community who are capable critical thinking and can handle thinking outside the box even when the concept being discussed is not necessarily one of their creed or culture’s diving principle.


Last year, those who could grasp logic, argumentation and those who had the savvy to be objective about things shamed and exposed those who resort to empty rhetoric (ehem, empty pails et. al.) for everyone else with enough intellectual fortitude to see. It was a triumph for critical thinking and political correctness. And even if there are recalcitrant fundamentalists among us, the wheels of change would just trample them over. Even if there are still people who choose to not use their brains, evolution still exists and that Darwin-willingly, the natural forces would stamp them and their pathologic genes out of our greater gene pool.


This point of view will always have its critics, but I’ll gladly take the cudgels and bear the brunt of the criticism in behalf of the intellectual quarter of the Philippine Blog Scene. To everyone who believed and supported what I did last year, expect me to do it again if the situation calls for it. Expect me to call out the recalcitrant fundamentalists anew if they haven’t learned their lesson yet. Their rhetoric will not get them anywhere with me.

Again, thank you. And yeah, kudos for using your brains.



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